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    Ferning and fertility: KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test (review)

    Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way from the start. You likely may ask: "Uh, why are you, a grandmother, testing an ovulation kit of any sort, Lisa?"

    Well, I'm not. Like most grandmothers, whether I'm ovulating or not is simply not something I worry about.

    My oldest daughter, though, does worry about — or, at the very least, consider — her peak ovulation days because she and her hubby are hoping to get pregnant sometime in the near future.

    KNOWHEN Ovulation Test

    So I personally did not review the KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test I received...

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    Brief book reviews: Two school story series for boys and girls

    Award-winning children's author Rachel Renee Russell — along with daughters, co-writer Erin and illustrator Nikki — offers an update to her bestselling Dork Diaries series and a brand-new series boys will love, too.

    Meet Max and the "Super Squee Edition" starring Nikki:


    max crumbly

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    Make memories — and boost memory — with Gigamons from Blue Orange Games

    I used to have an amazing memory. I could recall faces, names, numbers, events, location of pictures and text on printed pages, a fair amount of trivia, and more. Age and MS have done a number on my noggin', though, so you won't hear me bragging about my sharp skills in that area any more.

    Instead, I seek out ways to continually sharpen my short-term memory. Playing games certainly helps. And is fun. Especially games enjoyed with grandkids. Double that when played with my grandkids and my adult kids.

    Which is exactly what I recently did with Bud (grandkid) and Brianna (adult kid). I received an intriguing game free for review from Blue Orange Games — Gigamons this time — and recruited Bud and Brianna to go a few rounds with me on the magical memory boosting game.

    gigamons game review 

    The official description of Gigamons, The quest for magical Elemons!...

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    Life Reimagined: Well on my way to unstuck

    Life can be sticky. And those sticky spots in life — unfun events, moments, circumstances — can lead to being stuck in unhappy, uncreative, unproductive places in myriad phases.

    life reimaginedI've been stuck in such a place for several months. I shared here about a month ago my hope that Life Reimagined, an online, subscription-based service helping millions of American's plan for the "what's next?" questions in life, could help me get unstuck.

    My progress report? It's working!

    In the past 30 days or so, I've used a variety of the many Life Reimagined tools to figure out what to do to move forward, get free of the sticky spots holding me back personally and professionally. In particular, I used what I learned from my initial quizzes and time with an online life coach to focus on reducing stress and finding more joy in my day-to-day in order to get back...

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    Top That! A mad dash to match the magic hat stack game from Blue Orange Games

    Not too long ago, my buddy/reviewer Bud helped me try out a new game from Blue Orange Games called Dr. Eureka. It was loads of fun... but a tad challenging for Bud because of the manual dexterity involved in moving mini balls about ("molecules") to match the winning formula on game cards.

    This game turned out a bit easier for my review partner.

    top that! from blue orange games

    Top That! from Blue Orange Games has very similar game play as Dr. Eureka — but was far more fun for Bud during our recent review play because the pieces (magic props) to be stacked and swapped and such to match what's on the game card before all the other players...

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    Cookbook review: 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury

    Do you have an air fryer? I reviewed one last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite appliances. I was quite pleased with the way french fries, chicken tenders, BBQ drumsticks and much, much more cooked up fast and oil free. And delicious.

    Thing is, I had trouble finding recipes that went beyond the basics, beyond those things mentioned above. So I don't use my air fryer as often as I would like, as often as I could and should.

    Enter 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury, freelance food writer and author of more than 20 cookbooks (including this one I previously reviewed). I received a copy of the glossy cover paperback for review and instantly fell in love with it.

    175 best air fryer recipes

    Inside the glossy cover of 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes the pages are primarily...

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