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    Dog lovers rejoice... and get reading! A Dog's Purpose soon hits the big screen

    I am a dog lover. I love cats, too, and have two of my own — twice the number of dogs residing in my home. But if an overzealous pollster stopped me on the street and demanded I pledge allegiance to only one camp, dog-lover or cat-lover, I'd have to choose dog.

    I used to think I'm more into cats than canines. After putting more thought into it, though, I realize I gravitate more toward dog videos on social media than I do those featuring cats. If I happen upon a pet store in the mall, I seek out the pups not the kitties, to get my fill of animal antics (though I'd never ever purchase a pet from a mall pet store; there are plenty of overpopulated animal shelters I'd rather patronize). When I see dogs out and about, they make me smile, make me consider what they could be thinking or saying to themselves.

    #bookbeforemovie A Dog's Purpose

    Author W. Bruce Cameron is a dog lover, too. And he's taken imagining what dogs might be thinking or saying to a whole new level with his charming, tender, and funny book, A Dog's Purpose.

    The imaginative, endearing tale

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    Paper Trax: Recyclable paper race track affixes to wall, entertains all

    Looking for a a unique way to complement a kiddo's car collection this Christmas? Look no further than Paper Trax, a patented paper raceway set that allows for countless creative wall configurations — attached to the wall! — for hours of fun for everyone.

    When I say "everyone," I mean one and all who encounters the 100 percent recyclable toy distributed by the BE Good Company. I can say that with authority because the evening Bubby and I set out to review the set, my house was full of guests and not a one could resist pitching in on building the track or enjoying it after the work was complete.

    paper trax 

    Paper Trax Speedway Super Pack, the pack I received free for review, is a race car themed set of over 12 feet of trax (11 straight trax plus a bonus created from the box). The set includes 3M Command strips for safe attaching to walls.

    paper trax

    Other packages available include a Starter Pack and Super Play packs with...

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    Tender, tasty, quick, and easy meals courtesy Cosori Electric Pressure Cooker (review)

    Pressure cookers have intrigued me for nearly 50 years. They've also scared me that long, thanks to the monstrous meal-making machine that spouted steam and terror in my mom's kitchen as well as my grandma's decades ago.

    I've always wanted to learn how to make meals with a pressure cooker. It just seemed that's what grandmas are supposed to do. Or at least try. But the idea the pressurized pan might go kabang has prevented me from giving such culinary craftiness a try.

    Until now. Until I learned there's an electric — safe and kabang-proof — pressure cooker. Until I was offered the opportunity to review for free the safe, sturdy, and stylish Electric Pressure Cooker by Cosori.

     cosori electric pressure cooker

    When I first unpacked and prepared my pressure cooker for cooking, my husband asked, "Are you sure that thing's not gonna explode?" Which confirmed that he, too, recalled pressure-cooker fears...

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    Giveaway and review: Magic Sketch innovative art pad by Boogie Board

    Updated on Saturday, November 12, 2016 by Registered CommenterLisa Carpenter

    Updated on Monday, November 14, 2016 by Registered CommenterLisa Carpenter

    My eight-year-old step-grandson loves to draw. And color. And craft. And create.

    So when I received a Magic Sketch from Boogie Board free for review, Bud was the perfect product reviewer for this post.

    What's a Magic Sketch? It's pretty much the coolest thing ever, Bud deduced after a few minutes with it. Technically, though, the Magic Sketch is a kid-proof, waterproof, innovative art pad that provides a new and exciting screen on which kids can draw, learn, and play.

    Then erase with the push of a button and repeat. Again and again.

    magic sketch

    The Magic Sketch LCD-display tablet retails for $29.95 and comes with...

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    Two hot picture books for kids from popular hit songs for adults (Brief book review)

    Everything old is made new again. Sometimes such creations stink (nearly every remade movie), sometimes they soar.

    The following two fantastic new picture books for kiddos based on popular songs for grownups belong firmly and forever in the latter category. (They make great holiday gifts, too.)

    FOOTLOOSE by Kenny Loggins, illustrated by Tim Bowers (Music & Lyrics by Kenny Loggins and Dean Pitchford)

    footloose picture book ...

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    Stocking stuffer for Hot Wheels® fans: PlayTape® Track & Curves

    My grandsons have hundreds of Hot Wheels® vehicles. Race cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, and more. Literally hundreds filling buckets and boxes.

    I used to carry a new one for their collection to give them each time I arrived at their door. No more. They have plenty, I think.

    What they don't have, though, are roads on which to roll those nifty mini machines. And though Hot Wheels® are plenty of fun to roll and race sans tracks, the new PlayTape® Track and accompanying PlayTape® Track Curves will be a fabulous and fun addition to their collection.

    playtape track and curves

    InRoad Toys rolled out the nifty Hot Wheels® PlayTape® goodies...

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